Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 4e

Subphylum Ascomycotina - conclusion

Orders: Erysiphales, Onygenales, Eurotiales,
Ophiostomatales, Laboulbeniales, Dothideales
(45 pictures)

erysi1.jpg (7016 bytes) Erysiphales - powdery mildew of Cucurbita
caused by the Oidium anamorph of Erysiphe. 
erysi2.jpg (8958 bytes) Erysiphales - SEM of conidial chains and mother cells of the
Oidium anamorph of  Erysiphe on a host leaf.
erysi3.jpg (6720 bytes) Erysiphales - ascomata of Erysiphe on the host.
   X 5
erysi4.jpg (6484 bytes)  

Erysiphales - ascoma of Uncinula.  Note the
appendages with curled ends (see also below) 
(dark field illumination)
   X 50

erysi5.jpg (5513 bytes) Erysiphales - appendages of Uncinula ascoma  
   X 400
erysi6.jpg (6030 bytes) Erysiphales - ascoma of Uncinula split open to reveal two asci. 
   X 100
erysi7.jpg (4546 bytes) Erysiphales - ascoma of Microsphaera,
with dichotomously branched appendages.  
   X 60
erysi8.jpg (3565 bytes) Erysiphales - dichotomously branched
ascomatal appendage of  Microsphaera. 
  X 200
erysi10.jpg (16996 bytes) Erysiphales - leaf of Alnus rugosa with several colonies of Phyllactinia (note ascomata) 
   X 2
erysi11.jpg (10527 bytes) Erysiphales -
ascomata of Phyllactinia at several stages of development 
X 70
erysi12.jpg (2775 bytes) Erysiphales - mature ascoma of Phyllactinia with bulbous-based, needle-like appendages
  X 100
erysi13.jpg (5272 bytes)  

Erysiphales - SEM of mature ascoma of Phyllactinia 
  X 150


erysi14.jpg (4341 bytes)  

Erysiphales - appendages of Phyllactinia bending downward to release ascoma
   X 150


onygen8.jpg (2602 bytes)  

Onygenales - ringworm, a dermatomycosis
(or "tinea") caused by a member of the Arthrodermataceae.


onygen2.jpg (5968 bytes) Onygenales - Onygena corvina fruiting on a dead North American robin
onygen1.jpg (4262 bytes) Onygenales - cleistothecial ascoma,  comb-like appendage, and ascospores of Ctenomyces.
onygen4.jpg (4820 bytes) Onygenales - ascoma of Myxotrichum with barb-like appendages.
onygen7.jpg (5305 bytes) Onygenales - phragmosporous conidia of Microsporum growing on horse hair.
   X 200
onygen6.jpg (4434 bytes) Onygenales - stages in conidiogenesis of Microsporum
   X 200
asppen.jpg (6534 bytes) Eurotiales - colonies of Aspergillus flavus (yellowish, granular) and Penicillium (grey-green, smooth) anamorphs growing on nutritive agar  
   X 1
asperg2.jpg (6789 bytes)  

Eurotiales - conidiophores of Aspergillus anamorph
(Nomarski interference contrast) 
   X 400

penic2.jpg (5403 bytes) Eurotiales - conidiophores of a Penicillium anamorph. 
   X 400
eurot1.jpg (5364 bytes) Eurotiales - section through a cleistothecial ascoma of Eurotium 
   X 400
eurot2.jpg (3118 bytes) Eurotiales - stained globose asci with pulleywheel-shaped ascospores (two flanges are visible on some)
   X 1000
eurot3.jpg (4445 bytes) Eurotiales - SEM of ascospores
   X 5000
ophio4.jpg (2568 bytes) Ophiostomatales - beaked ascoma of  Ophiostoma olivaceapinii
   X 100
ophio5.jpg (2632 bytes) Ophiostomatales - ostiolar hyphae at apex of ascomatal neck - hold spore drop in place
   X 400
ophio1.jpg (4399 bytes)  

Ophiostomatales - Dutch elm disease, caused by Ophiostoma ulmi, in Nova Scotia.


ophio2.jpg (7812 bytes)  

Ophiostomatales - the synnematal Graphium anamorph of Ophiostoma ulmi fruiting on elm wood.
   X 12


ophio3.jpg (2674 bytes) Ophiostomatales - one synnematal conidioma of Graphium  
   X 100
ophio6.jpg (3178 bytes)  

Ophiostomatales - phialides of Chalara anamorph of Ceratocystis 
    X 400


laboul3.jpg (3514 bytes) Laboulbeniales - ascomata on whirligig beetle (Gyrinidae)
X 15
laboul2.jpg (2761 bytes) Laboulbeniales - ascomata on gyrinid beetle
  X 60
dothid1.jpg (3914 bytes) Dothideales - bitunicate asci of Pleospora, containing pigmented, dictyoseptate ascospores.
dothid2.jpg (5560 bytes)  

Dothideales - apple scab caused by the Spilocaea anamorph of Venturia inaequalis.


dothid5.jpg (4790 bytes) Dothideales - the Spilocaea pomi anamorph of Venturia inaequalis attacking apple leaves  
   X 1/2
dothid6.jpg (3952 bytes) Dothideales - percurrently extending conidiogenous cells, with three detached conida, of the Spilocaea pomi anamorph of Venturia inaequalis on apple leaf.   
   X 400
dothid7.jpg (7984 bytes)  

Dothideales - pseudothecial ascoma of Venturia inaequalis in a dead apple leaf   
   X 50


dothid8.jpg (8034 bytes) Dothideales - black knot of wild cherry, caused by Apiosporina morbosa.
dothid9.jpg (7818 bytes) Dothideales - section though a stroma of Apiosporina morbosa bearing pseudothecial ascomata
   X 50
dothid3.jpg (5243 bytes) Dothideales - the Alternaria anamorph of Pleospora.  Note the chains of beaked, pigmented dictyosporous conidia.
dothid10.jpg (6342 bytes) Dothideales - leaf scorch of horse chestnut  (Aesculus) caused by the Phyllosticta anamorph of Guignardia aesculi in Ontario (eastern Canada).  This disease appears to be absent from Vancouver Island (western Canada).
dothid11.jpg (6920 bytes) Dothideales - Capnodiaceae - a thick coating of sooty moulds blackening the whitish bark of Nothofagus (Southern beech) in New Zealand
dothid12.jpg (4639 bytes) Dothideales - Capnodiaceae - feathery black growths of sooty mould
   X 1

This is (finally) the end of the Ascomycetes... 
Now press on to the Basidiomycetes...(the last major group of independent fungi)

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