Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 5a

Subphylum Basidiomycotina - Introduction 
(11 pictures, 1 animation)

dolipor1.jpg (7177 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - TEM section through a dolipore septum
   X 80,000
clamp2.jpg (7284 bytes)

Holobasidiomycetes - TEM section through a clamp connection
   X 30,000

clamps1.jpg (6388 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - clamped hyphae (phase contrast illumination)
   X 800
basidium1.GIF (114915 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - animation showing karyology (nuclear behaviour) during spore formation by a basidium
ascbas3.gif (7687 bytes) Cartoon of the ascomycete-basidiomycete comparison
basid4.jpg (5563 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - basidia of Coprinus.  Note that the nuclei have not yet migrated into the basidiospores.
basid5.jpg (5986 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - SEM of asymmetrically borne basidiospores (this indicates that they are ballistospores)
sterig1.jpg (5946 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - TEM of section through a sterigma bearing a ballistosporic basidiospore.
basid6.gif (4418 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - drop coalescence with water film on spore as the trigger and energy source for basidiospore discharge, from Webster et al. (1988)
Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 91: 193-203.
basid2.jpg (6239 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - a young basidium of Russula.  Note that the spores are borne asymmetrically.
basid3.jpg (4042 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - basidium of a sequestrate basidiomycete, Gastrocybe, in which the basidiospores are symmetrically mounted, and are not forcibly discharged.
basmycel.jpg (7998 bytes) Holobasidiomycetes - typical fan-like mycelium spreading across rotting wood.
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