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Mushroom Poisoning in Children - Source: Handout American Academy of Family Physicians

"Early symptoms of mushroom poisoning include feeling sick, stomach cramps, vomiting and watery or bloody diarrhea. Symptoms may show up right after your child eats the mushroom, or may appear several hours later. If your child has any of these symptoms, call your doctor right away. Your child may need treatment. If your child has eaten a wild mushroom, you can take several simple steps. Collect the mushrooms your child was eating. A few should be carefully dug up so that even the underground parts can be saved for identification. The whole mushroom can then be shown to your child's doctor, which might help your doctor know whether the mushroom was poisonous or not. If you find more than one kind of mushroom around your child, collect all of the different kinds that your child might have eaten."

Canadian Poison Control Centres - Contact information for all Canadian Centres

Software for Identification:

Matchmaker - Computer program for interactive identification of gilled mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest (BC, WA, OR, and ID), combined with full descriptions and a large database of mushroom photographs. Its authors, Ian Gibson and his son Eli Gibson started to work on the MatchMaker in 1996 and their recent 2001 CD-ROM "beta" version contains descriptions of 2087 species.The web version (based on an earlier release on MatchMaker) does not have illustrations of non-gilled mushrooms, and has fewer photographs. The plan for the web version (which is based on the 2000 CD version) is to update the information to the current CD version, and increase the number of illustrations of gilled mushrooms.

The Mushroom Genus Laccaria in North America - Greg Mueller's handsome monograph of the mushroom genus Laccaria in North America includes keys, phylogenetic trees, photographs, morphological and ecological information. - Key's to many mushroom species of North America facilitates identification based on macroscopic features.

Coprinus - Technical keys and taxonomic resources on inky cap mushrooms (Coprinus species) are provided through this web page, which also includes a downloadable mushroom identification program.

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