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University of Guelph Botany Department

Arctic Organisms (including Fungi!) - Canada's Polar Life provides more than 1000 pages of heavily illustrated information on the target theme. Sponsored and based at the Univerisity of Guelph.

George L. Barron - (Professor Emeritus ) Biology of fungi that attack and consume microscopic life forms such as nematodes, tardigrades, amoebae, bacteria, copepods and other fungi. He has a website which provides information of his new book Fungi of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States as well as lots of pictures and information on taxonomic groups of fungi. Searchable by taxonomic group or species index.

John N. Klironomos -Fungal and soil ecologist whose work addresses the relationship between plants, fungi and other soil organisms, and the functioning of ecosystems. Heads up the Fungal and Soil Ecology Lab - Research on Global Change, Mycorrhizal Diversity & Plant Community Dynamics, Mycorrhizas & Plant Fitness, Mycorrhizas & Urban Forestry

R. Larry Peterson - Research involves the interaction between fungi and plants, with an emphasis on mutualistic symbioses involving mycorrhizas. Runs the Root Biology and Mycorrhiza Research Group - Research on Developmental biology of plant roots and the association of plants with microorganisms, particularly fungi. Approaches taken in this research range from field studies to ultrastructural studies.


The Department of Botany of the University of Toronto - has a long tradition in mycology stretching back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. This tradition continues today with courses of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as in active research programs. This link presents information undergraduate and graduate studies in Mycology. Current Mycological Research going on at U of T.


John C. Krug - Research Interests: Systematics of Ascomycetes, especially coprophilous and terricolous genera, using both morphological and molecular criteria. Taxonomy of tropical fungi. Phytogeography of lichenized and non-lichenized Ascomycetes.

David W. Malloch - Research Interests: Mycology. Fungal life histories, particularly those intersecting life histories of other organisms. Taxonomy of higher fungi. Biology of Penicillium species occurring in indoor environments.

Paul Horgen - Research in the laboratory of Paul Horgen has traditionally involved work with commercially important fungi. The framework of the current experimental approaches involve aspects of biotechnology, molecular genetics and cell biology.

Fungal Biology and Genetics Group

James B. Anderson - Interested in the processes that shape the structure of fungal populations including sexual and somatic recognition, growth, reproduction, mutation and recombination. To investigate the impact of these natural processes in populations, my research uses the tools of genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. Funded positions for graduate study (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) beginning in 2002. See his site for details.

Linda M. Kohn - Research Interests - a mycologist, a specialist in fungal biology, specifically of ascomycetes. Research has been in three main areas - Taxonomy and evolutionary systematics, population biology, research on evolution of drug resistance in Candida albicans. Funding available for graduate study.

Barry Saville - Fungal Molecular Biology, Dept of Botany University of Toronto at Mississauga. Interest in the interaction between eukaryotic organisms leading to symbiosis and pathogenesis. This has lead to studies in the fungal pathogenesis of plants by the smut and rust fungi.

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March 2003