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Mold Consulting Services

Bryce Kendrick is a mold expert with 45 years of experience. He consults for a number of Environmental Companies, identifying and quantifying molds found contaminating buildings. Please contact Bryce via email for rates, and examine his Resume.

He is available for consultation, and will promptly examine samples that are sent to him by courier, supplying in his reports forensic information on the nature and history of mold contamination if it is present, or clearance information if molds are not present in significant amounts. Bryce Kendrick has provided expert testimony in both the US and Canada.

Lift tape samples are the preferred sampling method. Shipping arrangements can be made by contacting Dr. Kendrick by email

Bryce Kendrick has authored over 300 mycological publications, including several books. He was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1979, and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1981. He received the 'Distinguished Mycologist' award of the Mycological Society of America in 1995, and was elected a Centenary Fellow of the British Mycological Society in 1996. In May 2001 he was the invited keynote speaker at the Mycological Society of Japan annual meeting in Tokyo, and in June 2001 received the Lawson Medal of the Canadian Botanical Association for lifetime contributions.

Genera of Moulds (Hyphomycetes) Bryce has developed a Computer Database which is useful for professionals. This combined database and synoptic key permits rapid and accurate identification of hyphomycetes to genus. Enter whatever characters you can see. The database contains full descriptive information on over 1200 accepted genera. He has also authored several books available here...