Database: Mycorrhizae

 MYCOLIT Version 2: The Most Comprehensive

Mycorrhiza Database Available

14,000 References: US$250

DOS or MAC Formats (DOS Format complete with Search Program)

Complete with original titles, English translations of titles in other languages and many abstracts.

Mycologue Publications, in collaboration with the Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, brings you the most complete and the most inexpensive database of mycorrhizal references yet compiled: MYCOLIT 2.

MYCOLIT 2 contains 14,000 references to the world literature on all fields of mycorrhizal research: VAM, ecto-, ectendo-, ericoid, arbutoid, and orchidaceous. It covers the period from 1758 right through to 1994.

MYCOLIT 2 is available in MS-DOS and Macintosh versions. MYCOLIT for MS-DOS comes complete with a fast search program, on one 3.5-inch 1.44 Mb disk. The MAC version has no search program attached.

The price is US$250 for individuals or US$350 for institutions. Upgrades for registered owners of version 1 are only US$60. Prices include handling and shipping. We have kept overheads down and prices low so that more scientists can buy this powerful research tool. Can you afford to be without it? How long would it take you to compile something comparable?

A considerable percentage of the proceeds will be devoted to corrections, insertion of new references, and addition of key-words to each reference, as well as a key-word index. Registered owners will be offered a deep discount on updates.


We ask that indvidual purchasers agree not to place their copy in an institutional library or to distribute copies of the file (a single copy may be made for back-up purposes).

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