Seashore Life of British Columbia
Bryce Kendrick

CD-ROM    August 2007

(Note the toonie in the picture above...that's a pretty big sunstar...)

This brand new, inexpensive CD-ROM is your key to almost everything you can see on the seashore - from Algae to Worms,
with major excursions into Birds and Plants. 

Almost 600 organisms are presented in large colour pictures, with names and explanatory text.  There are also many short videos.

The CD-ROM is dedicated to children, and they will enjoy the pictures, but an adult will need to be along to explain and interpret the words.  Here is what is on the CD-ROM:

Introduction, and how organisms are classified and  presented on      this CD-ROM.
Habitats - different kinds of seashore
Algae - Seaweeds -
     Blooms of unicellular algae
Bryozoa - moss animals
Cnidaria - anemones, jellyfish (medusae), hydroids, corals
Ctenophora - comb jellies
Crustacea - crabs, shrimps, sand-hoppers, barnacles, isopods
Echinoderms - seastars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sand dollars
Mammals - whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions, otters, raccoons
Mollusca - chitons, sea slugs, snails, limpets,  mussels, clams,            oysters, squid, octopus
Brachiopoda - lamp shells
Tunicates - sea squirts
Worms - segmented, ribbon, peanut, flat
Beauty of the Seashore

Whatever you are likely to find on the seashore, you can identify it with this CD-ROM.
It's also a pleasure to browse through the various groups at home, learning, and teaching your children, about the wonders of life at the edge of the ocean.

ONLY $15.00 (+ GST and postage)