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The Fifth Kingdom is a mycology textbook. The book has been adopted by over 40 universities and colleges around the world. The book is also popular with amateur and professional mycologists.

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Table of Contents:

Preface (not available online)


Introduction: "Learn about Fungi? Who? Me?"

Chap 1: Kingdoms, Classification and Biodiversity

Chap 2a: Protozoan "pseudofungi" - the so-called Slime Moulds - full text and pictures

Chap 2b: Simple Fungi - Chytridiomycota, Hyphochytriomycota, Oomycota - full text and pictures, extra pictures

Chap 3a: Eumycotan Fungi - full text and pictures

Chap 3b: Phylum Zygomycota - Zygomycetes & Trichomycetes - full text and pictures

Chap 4a: Phylum Dikaryomycota, Ascomycotina - asci, ascomata, anamorphs - full text and pictures

Chap 4b: Ascomycetes: - Taphrinales to Dothideales - full text and pictures

Chap 5a: Subphylum Basidiomycotina: - Introduction - pictures

Chap 5b: Basidiomycetes: - Exobasidiales to Aphyllophorales - pictures

Chap 5c: Basidiomycetes: Agaricales - Agaricaceae to Strophariaceae - pictures

Chap 5d: Basidiomycetes: - Tricholomataceae to Strobilomycetaceae - pictures

Chap 5e: Basidiomycetes: - Gasteromycetes - Sclerodermatales to Phallales - pictures

Chap 5f: Basidiomycetes: - Tremellales to Ustilaginales - pictures

Chap 6: Yeasts - Polyphyletic Fungi - pictures

Chap 7: Lichens - Dual Organisms - pictures

Chap 8: Spore Dispersal in Fungi - Airborne spores and allergy

Chap 9: Fungal Physiology

Chap 10: Fungal Genetics - Mendelian and Molecular - full text and pictures

Chap 11: Fungal Ecology: - The succession of coprophilous fungi - full text and pictures

Chap 11a: Fungal Ecology: - The succession of coprophilous fungi - pictures

Chap 11b: Fungal Ecology: part 2 - Fungi in streams and ponds - pictures

Chap 11c: Fungal Ecology: part 3 - Fungal succession in decay of pine needles - pictures

Chap 12: Fungal Plant Pathology in Agriculture and Forestry - pictures

Chap 13: Fungicides - pictures

Chap 14: Fungi as Agents of Biocontrol - pictures

Chap 15: Fungi Exploiting Microscopic Animals - pictures

Chap 16: Mutualistic Symbioses between Fungi and Animals - pictures

Chap 17: Mycorrhizas - Mutualistic Plant-Fungus Symbioses - pictures

Chap 18: Fungi as food - Mycophagy - pictures

Chap 19: Fungi in Food Processing - pictures

Chap 20: Food Spoilage by Fungi, and its Prevention - pictures

Chap 21: Mycotoxins in Food and Feed - pictures

Chap 22: Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Fungi - full text and pictures, extra pictures

Chap 23: Medical Mycology - pictures